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Support Our Empowerment Project

Volt TV's Founders believe in "Empowerment" and provide mentoring, guidance and meaningful employment opportunities to disadvantaged individuals on a case by case basis. Regardless of circumstance or situation everyone deserves a "second chance". We help:

* Veterans         * Felons          * Under-severed Communities           * Ethnic Minorities        * People with disabilities          * Economically disadvantaged 

We address social stigmas and employment barriers that often prevent people from attaining meaningful employment. We offer a select few a turn key business solution and Partnership opportunity. This program exists for those interested in building an honest living for themselves through our organization. We coach our new Partners on everything they need to be successful and provide them the necessary tools and support to ensure a positive outcome. We believe an individual who has dignity, self-respect, and meaningful employment can help address the roadblocks related to addiction, education, economic disparity and housing. If you wish you apply or know someone you'd like to refer for consideration please complete the submission form below.

VOLT TV's Empowerment Project aims to:

  • Create and honest and reliable source of income

  • Create and promote a safe and secure work environment

  • Provide stability and growth opportunities

  • Create a positive reputation and perception by the general public.

If you believe you might qualify or would like to recommend someone you know please complete the provided form. Please be as thorough as possible in describing yourself or the person you are referring and why you believe they are a good candidate to be considered and receive a privately funded Volt TV Franchise and gifted vital resources. We realize these are "unusual and difficult" times for which we live therefore it is imperative that we are mindful and selective on how we invest or time and resources by ensuring they go to those in greatest need of assistance. 

If you are ready a business minded person interested in joining the VOLT TV Family by becoming a Reseller or forming a Partnership with VOLT TV you will find more information at

Empowerment Project Referral 

Thanks for submitting!





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