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Partnership Opportunity

Start A VOLT TV Franchise

Are you interested in owning a business with extreme growth potential, setting your own hours, working from home and earning exceptional income in the process? Are you self-motivated, hardworking, driven, good with people and ambitious? If you answered YES, then VOLT TV's Franchise Program might be the right opportunity for you. Call today and learn more about the benefits of joining our team!

  • NO Technical Skills Needed

  • NO Special Skills Required

  • NO Educational Requirements

  • NO Limits Or Ceiling On Earnings

  • NO Work Restrictions


With VOLT TV there is NO need for excessive startup capital or a large investment beyond your "sweat equity", a small marketing budget, affordable development costs and the desire to be successful. Our partners require No Technical or Special Skills to join our team. Being good with people, professional and hardworking is all you need to get started. Applicants require No Formal Education - we believe you can be successful regardless of having a degree or your educational background. VOLT TV places no limits on the income you can earn "the only limits are those you place on yourself". VOLT TV also places no restrictions on your work schedule, vacations or time off. Work at your leisure - Full or Part Time. Work from home or open a store-front, work alone, hire employees or contractors and grow your business at your pace.

How Does The Program Work?

Once an applicant is approved they are assigned to a Business Development Manager who will train you on our products, aid you on "jump-starting" your business through setting and achieving realistic goals, developing advertising media, implementing marketing campaigns, learning sales techniques and much more.

Tier 1 Partners Benefits​

Start up cost $1,500 - Discounted For A Limited Time - $1000 (-$500 Off)


1) Business cards 

2) Printed Media (Doorhangers, Flyers & Postcards)

3) Advertising Guidance, Campaign Development & Launch

4) Distribution Methods (SEO, PPC and automation of sales)

5) No Territory Restrictions (market worldwide)

9) Instant Sales & Installation Support (top priority)

10) Product Training

11) Limited Benefits

12) Company Setup, Structuring & Implementation (LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp)

13) Organizational Help and backend Customer Management System

14) Website, Hosting & Custom Domain Address (1 year including then $39.99 per month thereafter)

15) Set Your Own Pricing Structures (Up Sell Service Setup, Installation, Programming & Service Calls Fees)

16) No marketing or advertising restrictions across any conventional, physical or digital campaigns

17) Customer Branded APP (Inquire for more details).

18) Personalized Master Account - For customers presentation purposes

19) Unlimited 48 Hour FREE TRIAL Accounts for new client "test drive" acquisitions 

20) Custom Branded Partner Portal & URL to main website tracking all online referrals ensuring you are credited

CURRENT SETUP COST: $1000.00 (Limited Time Discount)


BONUS: $1500 Setup Cost Reimbursement when Partner reaches 300 Active Users

Tier 2 Resellers Benefits​

Start up cost $500


1) Advertising Guidance & Implementation Assistance

2) Distribution Methods & Assistance

3) Assignment of a Territory (1 local territory of your choose)

4) Sales & Installation Support

5) Product Training

6) Franchise rights to sale or sublet patented products

7) Company Structuring Suggestions

8) Organizational Help (advertising & marketing suggestions)

9) Custom Branded Partner Portal & URL to main website tracking all online referrals ensuring you are credited


SETUP COST: $500.00 


What Territories Can I Apply For?

Tier 1 Partners have NO Territory Restrictions and can literally market services worldwide. We are currently accepting applications for territories across the United States and it's Provinces. Our Policy for Tier 2 Start-Up Partners, is to locate nearby territories and reserve 1 territory (initially). Once that Tier 2 Partner shows proven results, good customer service skills and a high retention of satisfied customers we will offer that Partner the opportunity to expand their territories. If you are interested in populating a territory elsewhere (outside of the US), please inquire and our Directors will consider your application, its merit and the logistics involved in implementing your request will be considered. If it is deemed to have potential and be financially viable we will work with you to develop and execute a strategy.

How Does Volt TV Partner Compensation Work?​

Partners are compensated in two fashions. 1) Front-end commissions per activation or "UP SELL'S" and 2) Back-end Residual Income. Front-end commissions are paid to our Partners at time of sale and based on their specific activations for that pay period. Back-end Residual Income streams are paid to our Partners once per month. Residual Income Is Direct Deposited at the beginning of the month based on the Partners retained customer base and lease premiums collected. For more information on our Partnership Split Percentages, Specific Commission Amounts and Retention Rates and ROI's please contact us directly.

SECONDARY PARTNERSHIP SIGNUP METHOD (Please download the Partnership Packet complete the necessary fields and submit to Info@GetVolt.TV

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