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If you're like most average American's these days disposable income is not what it used to be. Money seems to disappear faster now than ever with this so called "short term" Inflation going on. We shouldn't act to surprise when our elected representatives lie to us and even go as far as telling us not to trust what we see, feel and experience. A great example of inflation comes from one of our loyal customers and we asked him to write a testimonial after receiving a Thank You email after signing up. We feel his perspective represents a lot of our customers and there own experiences. Please Read Below:


To Whom It Concerns

The President and his staff for months told us not to worry as it wouldn't happen. When it started we were told "It's a short term thing" but it didn't feel short term seeing prices of just about every rise each and every week. Recently, we were told "it isn't that bad", well I don't know about you but it costs me twice as much to fill up my car today than this time last year. My grocery bill has doubled, my electric bill is rising and I'm getting frustrated to the point I've actually turned off the news and walked away several times...

So for my family saving money has become the priority in every fashion we can. We've cut back on just about everything within reason but when my wife mentioned it was time to cut down our DirecTV and Streaming App bills - I just about lost it. Sports are my escape and passion. I built a little man cave in my basement and my family knows "that's Dad's room" and after a long week I decompress on the weekends by watching my favorite Football, Baseball and Basketball teams so the thought of losing that got real personal for me but my wife was right... After adding up everything: DirecTV, Netflix, Amazon & Disney (for the kids) it added up to around $320 per month. Even knowing it had to be done I was procrastinating and absolutely "dragging my feet". Around the 5th time my wife mentioned it and it causing a minor argument I called and cut everything back.

Miserable: hardly explains my emotional state for a week as I tried to adapt to my new normal of basic cable. It was not pretty... Then Easter came around and the extended family came to visit. That evening while trying to find something everyone could watch my Nephew asked: Why don't you get Volt TV? I thought very little of it until in a matter of about ten minutes he installed it on my firestick, logged in with his account information and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I joined the next day and won't go back to the "old way" every again. Volt TV gave me back my sanity and my ability to enjoy my weekends again and without hurting my budget. In fact, my only regret is not waking up to getting it sooner and all the years I spent all that money - month after month. So when I was asked to write a testimonial I said "Absolutely, I wish I could tell the world and they would listen".

Ladies and Gents - if you haven't tried it you need to wake up, crawl from underneath that rock you've been living and give it a go. Seriously, I have more channels than I know what to do with, my kids watch movies that I no longer have to pay for each one as they're included in my subscription and my wife enjoys the series (double thank you for keeping her happy as that = my happiness if you get my drift). For me it's a Win-Win and I thank Volt TV every weekend I get to watch multiple games at the same time like a "baller on a budget". I even thanked my Nephew, three times now actually. If it wasn't for him telling me about it I'd still be miserable and maybe worse. I took the lesson to heart and tell everyone I know at some point or another about Volt TV, the money I save and best of all is the great content I receive. The only extra money I've spend is getting another TV for "MY CAVE" so my boy's can come over for games on Sunday's which we renamed "Our Day". It's amazing how the little things can make such a profound difference. If you know about Volt TV then please be decent and Pass it on! So many are have no idea there's an alternative to Big Named Providers.

My Sincerest Thanks,

Brad S.

Dallas, TX

Mr. Brad S. is a perfect explain of the message we hoped to convey to you all. We need not say much more beyond the fact that we appreciate all of our loyal customers. We thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve your entertainment needs. We commit to providing you with the best possible service we are capable of rendering. We will continue to strive for a better overall product and raise the standard we have set by continuing to exceed your expectations in all respects.

Thank you From All Of Us At Volt TV,

Volt TV Staff

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