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"Pay It Forward" Community Outreach Initiative


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get involved today, touch someone else's life and start making the difference you can be proud of...



Our mission of the "Pay It Forward" Initiative is to generate donation revenue from paid subscriptions and special promotions plan that both benefit our clients while also allowing us to help those less fortunate. We pledge to match any consumer contribution or purchase of these special pricing plans and in turn donate NO COST Streaming Services, Financial Support, Charitable Donations, Job Training Opportunities and housing location services. Our streaming platform and philanthropic philosophy democratizes our donation process through client suggestions and recommendations to identify beneficiary's most in need.

Volt TV's "Pay It Forward" Initiative is a community outreach project targeting low income families, students and the disabled to provide free content services, job training, food bank contributions, schools supplies, job training opportunities, financial assistance and more. For those suffering with financial hardships Volt TV in partnership with it's content providers vows to "lend a hand up" through donations, involvement in community organizations and providing cost free specialized content lineups appropriate for family and children including local channels, sports, news, educational programming, movies and series on demand.

Through specialized and discounted service plans sold to our consumers, Volt TV matches 100% of the revenue contributions received to then redistribute needed resources those deemed "in need" and identified through recommendations and invitation-only requests made from our "Pay It Forward Submission Page". Both our consumers and content providers are critical to generating the revenue needed to make this program possible and fulfill our mission to "Pay It Forward".

We realize in today's world that disposable income isn't what it used to be. Much of the population and our customer base can't afford to give much with their own income barely making ends meet. Hence we created this initiative which benefits both our clients and those in need. By consuming our incredible content, enjoying it and sharing it we can continue to help the less fortunate.

Here's how it works:

A) We've created a specialized service plan called "Paying It Forward" while working with our content providers which is instrumental in our ability to fulfill this initiative. When a customer purchases this Plan we match the contribution 100% and donate the proceeds to various community organizations, vocational programs and local causes.

B) Consumer purchases and content consumption: Your purchase of this special 12 month pricing plan and consumption of the content is what powers this initiative; allowing Volt TV to contribute proceeds and serve many people in need of a "hand up". Our waiting list is several hundred people in waiting and having the ability to assist as many as possible is an ever growing need.

C) Sharing your experience (via social media, email, in person or by other means) is vital to our success. "People listen to other People" and want to contribute to noble causes. Sharing your experience positively effects the lives of others who are less fortunate and benefit for this community service.

Help us, help others by supporting this cause; not through a direct donation but through your subscription to this special "Pay It Forward" Initiative and the referral of others. PLEASE SHARE AND LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

The donations contributed to the "Pay It Forward" Initiative and made by Volt TV are based on content consumption behaviors which generate revenue essential to this project and those in need. That's why sharing is so important as we can all do our part to positively impact someone else's life. We appreciate your participation and the consideration of our cause and hope you find great benefit in both our service and the influence you have on others.


Click the button below and start enjoying unlimited access our Bronze - 1 Device Plan for 12 months of service with the added benefits of #1 Knowing you're supporting to an amazing cause that's help those that are less fortunate and #2 it's "Tax Deductible". Simply complete the signup process and checkout to get connected in minutes. We appreciate your participation and support.


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